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Adaptation and Affordability: Developing Countries

Last week’s blog ended with documentation of the COP27’s late unanimous agreement to generate a special fund to help developing countries to cope with adaptation to damage that climate change inflicts. Below is the exact language that the UNFCCC is … Continue reading

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COP27 is Over: Draft of Final Decisions to Transfer Resources to Developing Countries

The COP27 meeting concluded on November 18th; I’ve been following its progress. As I described last week, this meeting’s main topic was the difficulty developing countries are having in financing the required mitigation and adaptation to climate change. They have … Continue reading

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Adaptation and Affordability: Global

Figure 1 – Historic cumulative emissions of countries (size of the circles) as a function of their vulnerabilities to climate change (Source: The New York Times) It is now the second week of COP27 and the last month of my … Continue reading

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Antisemitism and Collegiality

Two days before the Israeli elections (Tuesday, November 1st) and a week before the approaching elections in the US (Today, Tuesday, November 8th), I received an email from a Jewish colleague about an ongoing, anti-Israeli petition that was circulating in … Continue reading

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Human Reactions to the Climate Shift

The last three blogs examined the state of science in assigning attributions for extreme weather events to climate change. We have found that while this science is young when it comes to local events, it’s definite in terms of global … Continue reading

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