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Attributions of Fires and Floods

Table 5.1 of the 2016 National Academy’s Attribution of Extreme Weather Events in the Context of Climate Change (described in my October 11th blog), grades our knowledge of attributions of extreme climate events. The table summarizes the assessment of the … Continue reading

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Attribution Vs. Chaos

My previous blog cited a long 2016 report by the National Academy that outlines two classes of mechanisms used for climate events to assess the likelihood of attributions to climate change: Event attribution approaches can be generally divided into two … Continue reading

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Attribution: Noah’s Ark

During the active academic year, my main focus for this blog is to provide help to my students in their research assignments. I try to address the blog’s main focus—global transitions (with an emphasis on climate change)—while also staying relevant … Continue reading

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Campus as a Lab Part 5: Learning from Global Efforts

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, NY Governor Kathy Hochul issued Executive Order 22 regarding environmental stewardship; it reflected the thinking that the state government should form an example of such stewardship for the rest of society. The title … Continue reading

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