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Politicizing ESG Means Politicizing Our Future

I have raised the issue of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investments in earlier blogs. A blog from this summer (August 16, 2022) delves into the details of the acronym, shown again in Figure 1. That blog also describes how … Continue reading

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Guest Blog by Phil Gallagher: Going Solar 2

This week, we have a follow-up guest post from my friend Phil Gallagher updating us on his “going solar” journey. It’s been about seven months since I reported on the solar panels we installed last April 15; time for an … Continue reading

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Population Decline: Remedies

Starting on February 28th of this year, I’ve posted a series of blogs mentioning proposed remedies to the local implications of the global population’s declining trend and consequential societal aging. These include seppuku (voluntary suicide of the old) suggested by … Continue reading

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Population Decline: Impacts

Last week’s blog focused on the dynamics of global population changes, which are determined by the balance of births and deaths. The global population is still growing because births are still outpacing deaths but the near-term (one-generation) trends predict a … Continue reading

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