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My Full-Scale Global Focus

(Source: Ismail Sadiron/EyeEm/Getty Images via Harvard Business Review) Things are happening around each one of us on all scales; we better pay attention. Two weeks ago (November 21st), I started a series of blogs focused on what I can do … Continue reading

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Federal Assistance for Disasters

Last week’s blog was focused on the observations that private insurance companies are now running away from insuring for natural disasters, mainly because they lose money in this business. It was mentioned there that Florida, having its share of these … Continue reading

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Politicizing ESG Means Politicizing Our Future

I have raised the issue of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investments in earlier blogs. A blog from this summer (August 16, 2022) delves into the details of the acronym, shown again in Figure 1. That blog also describes how … Continue reading

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Dying in the Anthropocene

Figure 1 – Graveyards of the contiguous US (Source: Joshua Stephens via Insider) I will die in the Anthropocene. The only uncertain part of this statement is whether the global epoch that is now under consideration will be officially named … Continue reading

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Attribution Vs. Chaos

My previous blog cited a long 2016 report by the National Academy that outlines two classes of mechanisms used for climate events to assess the likelihood of attributions to climate change: Event attribution approaches can be generally divided into two … Continue reading

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Campus as a Lab Part 5: Learning from Global Efforts

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, NY Governor Kathy Hochul issued Executive Order 22 regarding environmental stewardship; it reflected the thinking that the state government should form an example of such stewardship for the rest of society. The title … Continue reading

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Back from Germany

 A field of dead sunflowers  in Farsleben, Germany I have described Germany’s energy transition in earlier blogs (December 9 – 30, 2014, and October 1 – 8, 2019). As I mentioned in last week’s blog, I followed my trip to … Continue reading

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Back to ESG

ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) is back at the forefront of discussion as an investment tool. Put ESG into this blog’s search box and you will get a few entries. The May 24, 2022 blog provides some details and connections … Continue reading

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Campus as a Lab: Part 2

My July 12th blog summarized why laboratory training has been found to be essential in teaching STEM (except for Mathematics) and for that reason, why teaching science is more expensive than teaching other disciplines. I based my arguments there on … Continue reading

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Campus as a Lab: Part 1

Source: Rutgers Living Laboratories Campus as a lab (CAL) is becoming a teaching and organizational tool across campuses. I am including a schematic diagram of the dynamics of the concept, taken from the Rutgers University site, above. If you Google … Continue reading

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