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Population Decline – Background

Figure 1 (Source: World Economic Forum) While I was busy over the last few blogs talking about living and dying in the Anthropocene, a few major changes in the demography of the planet took place. These changes drove me to … Continue reading

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Back to Educating in the Anthropocene

(Source: The Lancet) The original caption of this figure reads “The Planetary Health Education Framework.” However, it is similar to the Venn diagram that I discussed in a previous blog (August 4, 2020), which includes climate change, equity, Covid-19, population, … Continue reading

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Dying in the Anthropocene: A Global Perspective

Figure 1 – Terracotta Soldiers in Xi’an Figure 2 – Petra (Source: Britannica) Last week’s blog focused on the finite availability of burial land and the unfulfilled wish of many of us to leave behind our stories without crowding the … Continue reading

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Dying in the Anthropocene

Figure 1 – Graveyards of the contiguous US (Source: Joshua Stephens via Insider) I will die in the Anthropocene. The only uncertain part of this statement is whether the global epoch that is now under consideration will be officially named … Continue reading

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