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Earth Day 2023

 (Source: Houston Arboretum) This is obviously not my first blog titled Earth Day. Just put the title in the search box and start investigating. The day is unique for me on two levels: it celebrates our physical environment and commitments … Continue reading

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Teaching Students to be Involved in the Energy Transition

Spring Break at Brooklyn College I am starting this blog at the tail-end of spring break at my university (CUNY). It will be posted as classes recommence for a month, followed by final exams and the summer break. This is … Continue reading

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Inserting Climate Change into our Collective Thinking

(Source: SafeKids Worldwide) Last week’s blog focused on collective crimes, collective blame, and collective wisdom. A timely question relevant to my teaching and to this blog is how we “fertilize” collective wisdom to prevent or mitigate global disasters such as … Continue reading

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Collective Guilt, Collective Blame, and Collective Wisdom

(Source: Spreaker) A few days ago I was notified by our Judaic Studies Department about a new film that came out about the history of  German reparations to the Jewish people for the atrocities now known as the Holocaust. I … Continue reading

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