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Guest Blog: The Correlation and Effect of Wildfires and Climate Change

Hello, this week’s guest blog is from Mohdhar Yafai, Ariel Rukhlis, and Safiyah Mumin. We are all physics majors at Brooklyn College. As a previous blog (October 25, 2022), describes, wildfires are often large and rapidly spreading fires affecting forests, … Continue reading

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Energy Intensity

My recent blogs have focused on COP27 and its main decision of creating a mechanism for developed countries to transfer resources to developing countries to help them adapt to the damage that climate change inflicts. The best way for everybody … Continue reading

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Will Our Children and Grandchildren be Grateful and Think Well of Us??

The title of this blog doesn’t set any time frame. My grandchildren and my students are approximately the same age. However, it strongly indicates that something good is now happening. This good thing is happening as a result of the … Continue reading

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Adaptation and Affordability: Developed Countries

The last few blogs have been dedicated to COP27 and its central achievement of clinching a unanimous decision to create a fiscal mechanism for the rich countries to transfer resources to the developing countries for adaptation to climate change. It … Continue reading

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