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COP28 Conclusions

(Source: Travis Leery on Unsplash via The Bulletin: Historic’ or ‘weak’? Parsing the climate agreement from COP28) COP28 is over (officially December 12th, in practice, December 13th). Most modes of communication are focused on one sentence in the concluding document … Continue reading

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(Source: Cartoons by Josh) I had two objectives with this blog. One was to start summarizing COP28, which started on November 30th and is scheduled to close today. The second objective was to strongly encourage my students to follow up … Continue reading

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My Full-Scale Global Focus

(Source: Ismail Sadiron/EyeEm/Getty Images via Harvard Business Review) Things are happening around each one of us on all scales; we better pay attention. Two weeks ago (November 21st), I started a series of blogs focused on what I can do … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Loss & Damage Funds and the Developing Indian Subcontinent

Happy New Year everyone! This week, guest blogger Muhammad Siddiqui is taking over the Climate Change Fork blog. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Micha Tomkiewicz, Ph.D., I’m a graduate student at Brooklyn College, CUNY, class of 2022. This blog … Continue reading

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Adaptation and Affordability: Global

Figure 1 – Historic cumulative emissions of countries (size of the circles) as a function of their vulnerabilities to climate change (Source: The New York Times) It is now the second week of COP27 and the last month of my … Continue reading

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